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Secure Your Digital Product and Downloads with PayPal PayDotCom IPN System! PayPal PayDotCom IPN System is a small windows Application that will generate all required code for you. Simply answer a few questions and our software produces your PayPal button html code and the php code for your secure download IPN file. There is no need to copy and paste your PayPal button code from PayPal in to our Software. To Generate the PayPal code, you do not even have to login to your paypal account! The location to your Digital Product or Download will never be seen. Tampering with any paypal button code such as changing the Amount, changing your PayPal Email address, changing the currency or any attempt to directly access your product will result in a failure! Your download is only available when the PayPal PayDotCom IPN System Confirms the Verified status with PayPal and no Fraud attempt has been made. Even at this point, the Purchaser is NOT able to see the Location of your Digital Product or Download! This means there is no sharing of your download location! When you sold a product using the code generated from PayPal PayDotCom IPN System, An Email will be send to you with all details of the Transaction. The Buyer also receives a Purchase confirmation Email. Anytime there was an attempt to access your Digital Product or Download, You will be notified by email with all the information needed to investigate this attempt. Every Purchase of the PayPal PayDotCom IPN System comes with Two Software Applications! The First one is the PayPal PayDotCom IPN System Application that will generate your secure Download IPN File and a regular PayPal Button Code. The second PayPal PayDotCom IPN System Application will also generate the secure Download IPN File but instead of the regular PayPal Button Code, this version will Produce a PayPal Button Code with an extra Text field!

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